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Introducing Apollo Engineering's Advanced Industrial Cleaning Solutions: EziWash, EziClean, and EziBoost

Monday 28 August 2023


Apollo Engineering has introduced a new industrial cleaning system, featuring three products: EziWash, EziClean, and EziBoost. These products are engineered to enhance cleaning efficiency, sustainability, and meet the demands of industrial applications.

EziWash, an Alkaline Spray Cleaner, is designed for the cleaning of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its formulation helps prevent dusting and caking, making it suitable for the metalworking and automotive industries. Its excellent rinsability makes it ideal for pre-phosphating cleaning tasks, minimising the risk of alkaline carryover.


EziClean is an eco-friendly chemical cleaning solution that significantly reduces water usage and shortens wash cycles. It’s tailored for compatibility with industrial cleaning machines, offering a cost-effective and efficient cleaning process.

Eziclean Bucket

EziBoost is a paint stripper additive developed to enhance the effectiveness of EziClean in removing various paint finishes. It is specially designed for use with Apollo Hot tanks, improving the efficiency of industrial cleaning applications.


Choosing Apollo Engineering’s cleaning solutions means opting for products that not only improve operational efficiency but also support environmental sustainability. These innovations represent Apollo Engineering’s commitment to advancing cleaning processes in the industry.

Contact us today forĀ  more information on how these products can benefit your cleaning operations. This new cleaning system is a step towards a more efficient and sustainable future in industrial maintenance and cleaning.