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EziVac - Industrial Wet Vacuum & Liquid Cleaner

Save time cleaning spills in the workshop with the EziVac by Apollo

EziVac is a supercharged industrial wet vacuum bringing ease and efficiency to liquid recovery, transferring liquids and cleaning up spills in the workplace.

All it takes is a compressed air supply and you’ll turn your standard metal
drum into an commercial wet vacuum. Sick of having to call in liquid vacuum tankers to vacuum your tanks, parts washers and pits out? When you’ve got an EziVac, this expense becomes a thing of the past!!

Simple to operate and maintenance free, the EziVac takes the hassle out of liquid spills and saves you $$$


Available in two sizes - EziVac and EziVac XL

Requires compressed air only!

Maintenance free

Easy to use and versatile

Removes semi solid iquids - Ideal for tough liquid transfer
Optional accessories available

models specs

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case studies

Maskill Logo

“Maskill is the leading undercarriage solutions provider in Australia. We engaged Apollo Engineering to design, develop and manufacture a parts washer to eliminate the need for us to manually high pressure clean the undercarriage components. Apollo worked with us through the entire process to ensure we got what we needed. Like any prototype, we had initial teething issues but Apollo supported us every step of the way! By automating our cleaning processes, we’re saving hours per job!”

– Casey Maskill, Supply Manager

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Walters Fencing

“Apollo’s laser cutting services have become pivotal to Walters Fencing, eliminating the difficult task of fabricating by hand and minimising the time spent on machining and fabrication. We’ve maintained a good relationship with Apollo over the years. The team are very friendly, engaging and reliable and continue to assist in achieving desired outcomes that help our business grow.”

– Don Pollard – Lead Designer/ Production Manager

Walters Fencing
Rapid Plas Tamworth

“We have been dealing with Apollo for a number of years as a result of their flexibility and experience. Apollo can complete any job we require and we are proud to have a local engineering company supporting our manufacturing efforts. We have noticed rapid improvements and expansion in Apollo’s services as a result of their constant installation and advancement of machinery. The ability to source custom parts locally by utilising their laser cutting services is a huge benefit. The team at Apollo always provide quality products with good service.”

– Gavin Scott, Research & Development

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