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Heavy Duty Alkaline Spray Cleaner

EziWash Alkaline Spray Cleaner is a cutting-edge washing compound designed for the efficient cleaning of both ferrous and nonferrous metals. EziWash is a free-flowing, light brownish powder formulated with components to prevent dusting and caking. Tailored for the metalworking and automotive industries, EziWash not only offers exceptional cleaning performance but also stands out for its rinseability. This also makes it ideal for pre-phosphating cleaning as it prevents alkaline carryover into the phosphate bath.


Key Features and Benefits:

Powerful Cleaning:

EziWash delivers heavy-duty detergency for thorough cleaning while ensuring industrial safety on all metals.

Low Foaming:

It remains non-foaming even under demanding spray wash conditions, such as high pressure, low temperature, or with soft water.

Versatile Compatibility:

Quick break detergent which is safe for industrial use on a wide range of metals, including aluminium, galvanized steel, and magnesium.

Efficient Rinsing:

EziWash is freerinsing, leaving no residue behind.

Easy to Mix:

The powder dissolves quickly, simplifying the recharging process.

Hard Water Tolerance:

Can be combined with sequestering agents to effectively handle hard water conditions.

Buffered Solution:

Maintains consistent cleaning effectiveness throughout the solution’s lifespan.

No Harsh Chemicals:

EziWash contains no sodium hydroxide or free caustic, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly solution.

Application Guidelines:

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How can Apollo Engineering help:

  • Reduce your wash time by 75%
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The correct equipment and chemical relationship is vital

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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using EziWash?

Familiarising yourself with the SDS ensures you understand and follow the correct safety procedures.

EziWash can be mixed at concentrations ranging from 10 to 28 grams per litre, with a recommended concentration of 20 grams per litre.

Surface rust appearing on the machine or parts indicates a low concentration, and more EziWash should be added to the solution.

Yes, EziWash is safe for use on aluminium at the recommended concentration.

Empty EziWash containers should be rinsed and then placed in the recycling bin.
EziWash is specifically formulated to eliminate oil and grease, with added rust preventative properties.
EziWash is designed for use in both Apollo Spray Washers and Apollo Hot Tanks.
Why is my EziWash foaming during use?
Foaming may occur if the temperature in the spray wash is too cold or if the cleaning solution is too saturated with contaminants.
Sprinkle EziWash into the running spray washer at the recommended temperature for proper mixing.
EziWash is formulated to be used alone; introducing non-approved chemicals may alter its characteristics.
Refer to the SDS for guidance on handling spills, with actions recommended based on the spill size.
Yes, EziWash is designed to maintain its effectiveness across various water hardness conditions.
It is recommended to use EziWash within two years of manufacturing, storing tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry space.
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