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Cutting-edge paint stripper additive

EziBoost is a cutting-edge paint stripper additive designed to enhance the effectiveness of EziClean in industrial cleaning applications. Designed to be used with Apollo Hot tanks, it effectively removes a variety of paint finishes.


Key Features & Benefits:

Efficient Paint Stripping:

EziBoost is a reliable additive for EziClean, effectively removing tough paint in industrial settings. Its ability to remove diverse coating types makes it an essential solution for cleaning needs.

Improved Performance:

The improved paint-stripping effectiveness leads to accelerated cleaning of tough paint systems, improving the overall cleaning efficiency.

Versatile Formulation:

EziBoost incorporates raw materials for penetrating, loosening, and removing various modern paint finishes, including acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, polyesters, and two-pack coatings.

Dual Functionality:

Beyond being a potent paint stripper, EziBoost serves as a versatile booster additive for EziClean.

Application Guidelines:

Powerful engine cleaning results, read the review below

Engine parts washing before and after photo using Apollo Cleaning chemicals EziClean and EziBoost

We recently introduced the new Apollo Cleaning chemicals (EziClean and EziBoost) into our existing Apollo Hot tank, and the results have been outstanding. The system delivers exceptional cleaning performance, removing carbon, rust, paint, grease, and oil from engine blocks. The time-saving efficiency and reduction in manual labour have significantly boosted our productivity.

The cleaning system is cost-effective and is easy to use. The Apollo hot tank's versatility allows us to clean various types of parts with ease. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with this new cleaning solution and highly recommend it.

Paul Bedford
Engine Reconditioning and Engineering

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using EziBoost?
Prior to using EziBoost, it is crucial to be acquainted with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for correct safety procedures.
EziBoost can be mixed at concentrations ranging from 5-20%. We advise starting at 5% and increasing if required. EziBoost can be used at temperatures between 80°C-95°C.
EziBoost is designed as an additive to be used with EziClean which is not safe for use on aluminium.
EziBoost is packaged in plastic drums. After emptying the drum, it should be rinsed and then placed in the recycling bin.
EziBoost is specifically formulated as an additive booster to EziClean to eliminate the toughest paint coatings.
EziBoost is designed for use in both Apollo Hot Tanks with EziClean
Why is my EziBoost foaming during use?
Unfortunately, there is no way to titrate for the concentration of EziBoost, we recommend keeping an eye on the paint stripping timeframe and adding more EziBoost should the time frame extend.
EziBoost is a liquid which can be poured directly and safely into the Apollo Hot Tank with EziClean.
EziBoost is formulated to be used alongside EziClean to help boost performance and paint removal.
In the event of a spill, refer to the SDS for guidance. Different actions are recommended based on the size of the spill.
EziBoost is designed to maintain its effectiveness across various water hardness conditions.
It is recommended to use EziBoost within two years of manufacturing. When storing the chemical on-site, ensure the lid is tightly sealed and kept in a cool dry space.
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