Zimbabwean Migrants grow Apollo Engineering Tamworth, NSW

Apollo Engineering
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Zimbabwean Migrants grow Apollo Engineering Tamworth, NSW

Sunday 14 June 2020


Tamworth manufacturer, Apollo Engineering is a quiet achiever in the industrial sector of Northern Inland NSW. In challenging times, the business is expanding and achieving strong growth, with domestic and global markets. “It would have been very difficult for us to grow our business as rapidly as we have without the input of our skilled migrants,” Apollo Engineering Managing Director Dave Errington said.

“We specialise in manufacturing industrial cleaning equipment and have done so for 25 years. We have been expanding into such areas the manufacture of food waste processing machines. We struggle to find the skilled trades people we need. Our four Zimbabwean workers have been a massive benefit to the business; to the culture in the workplace, as well as our productivity. Our workforce has grown to 36 and I expect we will need more skilled migrants as we continue to diversify and grow,” Mr. Errington said.

For more information, check out RDA Northern Inland’s website: http://www.rdani.org.au/news-events/tamworth-exporter-grows-thanks-to-zimbabwean-migrants-30-09-2019.php

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